The AB Book Club #2


-- This month features a light hearted story about 
fan fiction and moving on to Uni --

I bought Fangirl last year as a summer read as it had a cute cover and the blurb about two identical twin sisters Wren and Cath drew me in. I've read it twice and I'm currently reading it for the third time - I wanted to finish it for today's post but I've been a bit slow because of revision. (And I don't want to wait any longer!) At nearly 500 pages, it's one hell of a read to get sucked into and yes, it's a teen book, but at 17, I actually enjoyed it. And it doesn't feel like it's aimed at younger people as it's about the two sisters going to Uni, Cath writes popular fanfiction about a fantasy book series called Simon Snow (which suspiciously sounds like Harry Potter) and Wren wants to be more independent and meet more people.

It's light hearted at times, and it's lovely to see how Uni affects people and helps others become so much more independent. I also found the relationship between Cath and her dad really heart warming, and I feel you don't get much of that in some books. There are also little extracts from the book series that Cath bases her fanfiction on, and if you like fanfiction then you'll love this. I loved the little Simon Snow extracts but I couldn't get the references to Harry Potter out of my head. Note: Apparently it was based on Harry Potter.

This book makes me want to like the lifestyle of Uni and how fun it can be, but in reality I don't want to go. See what fiction can do to you? And don't be turned away from the book because it has illustrations of the characters inside the sleeves, I think it gives the book character. Geddit?

Give it a read and tell me what you guys think.

Do you have any book recommendations for me?

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  1. love the look of this! I've seen it on the shelf a few times! Will be interesting to read because I'll be going off to uni in the summer! xx


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