Hello Spring


-- I want to reflect on my favourite time of 
year which is spring --

I should have done this post a while back when it was officially the first day of Spring but I forgot. And it wasn't until I was looking at past blog posts to get inspiration and I saw my Autumn post that it hit me. So I thought I would quickly compile of list of things I love about Spring into one nice little post. It's a time where I feel it's not quite summer yet but the days are getting increasingly longer, and the world is holding it's breathe for the hot days to start. (Then we have the April showers which suck) It's also a brand new start for a lot of us, finishing school, going off to Uni, starting a job and the two months of freedom are not far off.

I love Spring because of:
- the longer days
- the yearn for ice cold starbucks
- Easter and easter eggs (nom nom)
- finishing year 13
- blossom on the trees
- summer fruit like strawberries and raspberries are coming out
- the wait for summer isn't far
- my birthday in May (18 woo)
- the prospect of being able to go bare legged wearing shorts and dresses
- wearing brighter eyeshadows
- eating more Ben and Jerry's
- having fabulous sunny instagrams

What do you guys love about spring and what are you looking forward to?

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  1. yay for Spring <3 xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

  2. I love April showers! Although, here in Chicago, they're more like April thunderstorms. They're my favorite part of spring :)

    xx Dori

    1. that's so cool, is chicago hot in the summer? the average in britain is like 20 degrees haha


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