How To Get The (Nearly) Perfect Winged Eyeliner


-- Welcome to the mini masterclass of slaying 
with a strong black eyeliner wing --

Not until recently, I failed at the winged eyeliner. It looked like a 5 year old tried to do it and it was basically all over the place. I have hooded eyelids naturally, and it's pretty hard to replicate a perfect wing when looking at blogger's FOTD's. And that was until I discovered the Soap & Glory Supercats eyeliner last year! Ok, it was still a mess but it was so much easier to practice with that than the Wink eyeliner from Barry M. (Warning: stay away from that nemesis) After a few goes, I think I cracked it! Those of you with hooded eyes can thank me later...

The second picture shows how I did a massive wing and brought it across while curving it down. I'm sure you all know you start from the corner of the lower lash line and follow that curve to create it. As you can see, when my eyes are open, the wing looks smaller than it is, but I think it's a nice little flick. I have to make it chunky on my closed eyes, or it will show up as a failed thin tiny line. You can do a thicker wing to make a stronger look, and just tidy up the ends when you look straight ahead at the mirror. I usually just make a sharper end on the wing and just carry it on a bit further to make it neater.

The pen itself has a soft nib, and it's not too thick so it's perfect for gliding over for creating a strong wing. I've also seen the chunky Supercats which I might give a go this month, and I think that would make a bigger look - I'll let you guys know when I get that.

Here's a closeup of my eyeliner, and I think the Supercats is really good quality for £6. And now that its become easier, I might just do this look more often. So, there's so need to fork out for an Urban Decay/Benefit one. Soap & Glory slay them all.

What do you guys love to use for your eyeliner?

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