Top 4 Tips For Scrapbooking


-- It's time to get out all the memories and
put them into a booklet of love --
I'm sure you all remember this book featured above in another post about a DIY tumblr scrapbook. Well, after the first installment, I got bored, left it, and it's been sitting on my shelf since December. But, recently, I rediscovered it and decided to make a volume two scrapbook, so far it's been a success and I'll do an updated post after I go to America so I can show you all the pics. I've done things completely differently compared to my previous one, and I'm going to list the four things I've done this time that I recommend to you guys.
Make amazing sections:
Rather than gathering and plastering all your pictures into a book, create sections and events. You guys probably know this, but events like 'Going to London', 'Birthday Celebrations', etc. makes the book really special. Also using cool glitter sharpies to make pretty headings makes a boring page look alive.
Have instagram style photos:
The best part of having a scrapbook is having a wonderful presentation of photos that fit in so neatly. Recently, I've hated having pictures that are square, rectangle and just weird with no neatness. Sounds weird? I'm weird. But now having instagram style photos in square makes everything look so much more neater and appealing and I love it.
Edit the photos on an app:
I know you probably have a filtered picture already to add, but I think it's good to get rid of it and just have one filter for all. Sort of like a theme, I find VSCOCam is really good - that's where I crop them into squares as well. For my scrapbook I just increased the contrast and saturation with a little tint. It's the same filter as the photo in this blog post. Having a bright theme makes me feel happy when looking back and makes the pictures look better quality.
Integrate your favourite instagram shots:
Within the pictures of me and my friends, I like to add in my favourite instagram photos. A flat white latte here, a nice picture of a cacti there and also a lovely sunset. I'm addicted to taking photos and putting them on instagram - if you can't tell by now. Especially on the days out, I put pictures in I've taken along with selfies. For my Brighton trip, which I featured above, I have the wheel, sea shells, rings, my friend, etc. So that means, when I'm old and out of touch with technology, I can look back in this book and see the amazing times I had. Am I turning this post into a sad one now? Sorry.
I hope you're inspired to do a scrapbook too, by all means get involved and do share it! And I do promise to share the inside of the pages soon :)

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  1. I love to scrapbook as well but my method is really all over the place. I plaster pictures everywhere and in a way, I guess it's an organized mess.

    1. everyone's different and as long you have your own method it's all good haha :) x

  2. I've actually been thinking of doing a scrap book this summer holiday! My friend did one consistently for years and it was so cool to look at because it had so many memories!

    1. aww please start one, it's so fun and cool x

  3. I used to love scrap booking as a child so would love to give it another go.
    I also find they make great presents for friends :)

    1. they totally do, I'm planning to make one for my friend :)


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