Instagram Diary #6


-- A lovely little insta update before 
I go off on a plane --

This month so far has included plenty of baths, reading and revising *ew*, but luckily I had my last exam yesterday, so now I'm free to chill and do nothing. And to be honest it's an amazing feeling. I thought I would make a post of the photos that have summed up the last two weeks between revision sessions. I know these sorts of posts aren't popular but hey, I love writing them.

Row One:
Starbucks Celebrations: This was from yesterday after my exam and it was so nice to relax with nothing to do. If you're wondering, I had an Ice Caramel Macchiato.

Spring Flowers: All the flowers are out and it's all so pretty and sure as hell feels like spring.

John Green: I spent the weekend and all afternoon yesterday reading An Abundance of Katherines and it's one of my favourites. In fact all of John Green's books are my favourite.

Row Two:
Cake: Me and the family went to a lovely little cafe last week and I had a very nice, but rich Chocolate Fudge cake.

OOTD: My iPhone 6 finally gives me opportunities to take lovely outfit photos and I really liked this one because I'm wearing my favourite sunglasses and denim jacket.

ELLE: Just a lovely shot of last month's issue in the car, as I'm kind of late in reading the issue. Oops.

Row Three:
Intergalactic: Over the past few weeks I've been using all my Lush bath bombs from the Oxford Street store. And Intergalactic is my favourite one so far, it's a prettier version of the Christmas bath bombs.

Connor Franta: This photogenic book is one of my favourites and I read it in three days. Perfect for the summer.

Art: Y'know, just a shot of my mum doing art from last weekend. :)

Have a good Friday guys and I'll see you tomorrow xx

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  1. I love Intergalactic, definitely one of my favourites along with The Experimenter! x


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