Real Techniques Mini Haul


-- It was only a couple of essentials really, 
I tell myself discreetly --

On Tuesday I went along to Boots with my mum and decided to treat myself to a couple more brushes from Real Techniques. Trying to tell my mum that this is the best brand out there and never mind the price was pretty hard - I don't think she got it. I bought the sculpting brush for my bronzer and paid that with my points card and paid cash for the foundation brush. While having the expert face brush, I knew these would also deliver top quality results.

They're so so soft and beautiful and I love them already. The foundation doesn't come out streaky and I hope when I use my bronzer on holiday I can contour like a boss. I'm pretty happy spending £20 on two brushes as everyone in the blogging world swears by these, and so do I. And you have to admit, the colours and designs are pretty snazzy.

I'm looking forward to getting the rest, and maybe splurging on a little set. Of course I won't get any from the Bold collection as (1.) they're too long and big and (2.) they are too expensive.

What are the makeup brushes you swear by?

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  1. the core collection set is a really good basic set! They're sold a lot cheaper on Amazon but of course you don't collect any points :( xx

    1. I don't really buy on amazon and I need the points in my life! :'D


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