Life Update | I'm On Holiday!


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-- I'll see you in two weeks --

I'm writing this a week in advance (oohh) and by the time you read this, I'll be on a plane to go across the pond to another beautiful country. Expect some amazing picture diaries when I come back. I'm mainly writing this post because I want to say I have written some posts to go up and they might be posted every couple of days or three, that's because I don't want to not post on here and leave you guys in the dark.

I've finally finished my exams which I'm so happy about. Well, not really because I'm writing this before but you get the gist. I'll be back at the beginning of July, so expect some cool posts then. Have a good start to the summer, au revoir!

Fran xx

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  1. Have fun xxx

    1. thank you, it was amazing x


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