QOTM: Living For The Summer


-- Take a step back, breathe, and
live for the summer --

When this goes up, I'll be nearing the end of my holiday *sob*, but thinking ahead to what comes after makes me happy. I'm going to buy a camera and take day trips around London and to Brighton to create a photography project, and I might just make a section on this blog to share with you guys what I've captured. This post features a quote, much like Louise's (Sprinkle of Glitter) Monday posts, I'm going to share a quote I love each month and the first one is about the summer.

Whatever you're doing, live in the moment and have an amazing summer. Luckily for me, I've finished my A Levels so I have no work to do until I get a job or an apprenticeship. If you're new here, I'll just say Uni isn't for me. I hope you're inspired by this quote as much as I am, because all I can think about is chilling on the beach and going to cool markets in Shoreditch. I'm looking forward to a serious break and it's only just begun.

What are you guys planning for the summer?

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  1. What kind of camera are you planning to purchase? I am saving up for one and would love all opinions! xx


    1. I was going to get the latest Olympus Pen but I've decided against it because really I've only just got an iPhone 6 plus and for now, the camera on there is good enough for me :)


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