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-- After the impressive quality of the makeup, 
I thought it would be good to venture into the skincare --

I bought these two little goodies from Soap & Glory for the holiday and they include the body scrub and body butter. I do have a little Lush shower gel, but I thought these would make a nice little change as I won't have my extensive collection of products at home haha.

First up is the The Daily Smooth body butter. This has a sort of floral fragrance and contains rosehip seed oil and cocoa butter - which brings me back to those fragrance samples you get in ELLE. That means I can essentially be a walking floral fragrance on my holiday haha. When applying it's not too liquidy and certainly has a solid shape, but after trialing a little, it does blend into the skin really well. I tried a bit on my hand and it felt so soft after which is what I'm looking for, and it's only a little tube, but if it makes me feel like a summer goddess I'll certainly buy the full size version.

Next up is the Flake Away body scrub. After finishing my beloved Rub Rub Rub scrub from Lush, I decided to get a replacement. Having previous experiences with some scrubs, I find that they all are pretty effective, but Lush have been the best so far as after having a shower, my skin is so soft that I probably don't need to moisturise that night. Anyway, this post isn't about Lush, let's get to the product at hand haha. The Soap & Glory scrub has a fruity fragrance as it has shea butter, sugar and peach seed. When using, it contains quite an oily consistency when rubbing it in, but when rinsing it off, it makes your skin feel as soft as a baby's bum, so there's no need to worry about pesky dry skin in the summer.

I can't wait to use these properly, and if all goes well, I'll include them in my late June favourites, because I'll be back by then.

What moisturisers and scrubs have you guys been loving?

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  1. I really want to try the body scrub! I struggle to find body products I'm not allergic to though. I may just risk it with this one and hope it is fine haha x

    Phoebe | Phoebe’s Diaries

    1. It's actually really good, I love it and the smell isn't too strong :)


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