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-- The only glasses you need at a 
bargain price! --

I've been in love with the sort of retro sunglasses style for about a year now, and the other week I found the ultimate pair. I was aiming to save this post for a sunny hot day and get you guys in the mood for the summer, but it doesn't look like the British weather will improve. So, I'm just going to write it anyway.

I'm guessing you want to know where I got these glasses from and how much they were. Well, I can surprise. I got these beauties from Primark for £3! I know, they're amazing and don't look like they're from Primark at all! They fit me perfectly and as soon as I put them on I feel all hip and cool. They're perfect for jazzing up a boring summer outfit, and it looks great with a bright summer lip.

For only £3, yes I'm repeating the price to let it sink in, they'll be perfect for taking on my holiday. And even though I'm going the week after next, I've kind of already packed my suitcase oops. But, back to the glasses. If you love this sort of style I recommend you guys to track them down, because they haven't broken yet and they don't fall off. Even if the weather is crap, I'll still find an excuse to put these beauties on.

What's your favourite style of sunglasses?

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  1. these are gorgeous they really suit you! i wish id be able to pull these off as well as you can! id love it if you'd comment back xx


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx