The Palm Tree Collective #8


-- An indie style summer is 
surely coming --

It's supposedly officially summer now, what? The weather has been undecided as of late, so the daily tumblr dosages full of sunsets and bright summer pics is bringing my mood up. At least somewhere in the world it's a lovely hot day.

With this month's post, my tumblr has become quite indie as I've been getting into pics of bedrooms, notepads and indie fashion which involves shots of independent publications. I've also generally made my tumblr continuously brighter, and as an update my Christmas lush photo post has reached 130,000 notes omg. And my Intergalactic one has 300 oohh. I hope you enjoy this month's little installment and I'll see you all tomorrow with my lovely album review on the soundtrack to my study leave yay.


Grid One (L-R)
{That Indie Break • Cara Slays • A Tropical Dream •  The Hipster Picnic • Monochrome Starbucks • Colourful Snacks}

Grid Two (L-R)
{Sunbathing Kitty • Coffee Paradise • The 1975 • The Pinterest Interior • Indie and Fresh • The Cacti Know How To Do Summer}


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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx