Album Of The Month: Title // Meghan Trainor


-- This cheerful album may just be the answer 
to your perfect summer soundtrack problem --

'I got a head full of melodies stuck in my brain but the best part of being a singer at all is singing to the world my songs' croons Meghan Trainor on the opening track to her debut album Title. Putting aside the controversial views that she has that caused the internet to be set on fire (i.e. that feminism and skinny shaming rant), Trainor delivers an album full of heartfelt vocals, and as a first impressions, she wants to show the world what's she's got. Don't think this is the typical pop album based on the smash hits All About That Bass and Lips Are Movin', there are elements of the old school 50's which are especially evident in Credit. Within it, Trainor also delivers a catchy rap which can get anyone singing along.

As someone who isn't entirely into the world of the top 40 hits, Meghan Trainor's sound is a refreshing breath of melodies and tunes which are perfect for the summer. One thing's for certain, she brings a unique sound to the charts, and yes, there may be some things we don't agree with. But there's no denying the infectious happiness you can get from listening to this album fully.


Recommended songs:
Mr. Almost


I hope you liked this style of writing I did for this post, if you like it, comment below as I'm hoping to do it for the rest of the series. xx

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  1. I don't like her views on certain things, but there's no denying that she has really catchy and good songs. Oh and loved the style of writing in this post Fran x


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