Why You Should Pick Up An Independent Magazine


-- You may just think to pick up a 
copy this weekend... --

I'm a bit bored right now, so I just decided to write another blog post. And this one is based on one of my new passions. Independent magazines. Also known as indie magazines. The one pictured is Oh Comely which is a London based publication, and when I got my first ever copy I wrote about it here. I've recently been stalking instagrams such as magazinebrighton which sells these kind of magazines - and I need to visit them soon. I'm not trying to sell this one in particular, but it sure is a good read that takes you away from the world, I just thought I would list some reasons why these magazines beat the likes of heat and GRAZIA hands down. If there's something new to give a try this weekend it should be one of these: Oh Comely, frankie, LOVE, Another Man, i-D, etc. If you don't know the nearest independent magazine stockist, some of these are even sold in big WHSmith's.

1. There's no adverts about food or beauty, just pure bliss of photography and creativity. But that does mean they're slightly pricier. But you get around 200 pages of goodness.

2. Everything you read is done with passion. And you feel the editors do it because they actually love it.

3. There's always something new and different to discover. From long articles to pages of photography, it's beautiful. 

4. Independent magazines are becoming popular and are good coffee table books. Just search about it on google and you'll see why.

5. They look great as props in blog posts. The covers are always so pretty and are definitely photogenic.

I hope you enjoyed this spur of the moment post, and I'll see you all with a beauty post tomorrow. *finally*

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  1. This is actually a fantastic idea. Indie mags need love too. Perfect coffee table book & blog props too. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. yay and I'm glad someone agrees x

  2. I really need to read some indie mags (although I read so many magazines as it is!). I've actually started reading a lot of Homeware magazines haha, and have been loving it x


    1. same, do you read style at home? it's only £1.99 and it's given me loads of inspiration for my future home x

  3. Just found ur blog and I do love ur header!(;
    Anyway mind to follow each other my dear?
    Ive followed u, would u please follow me back?<3
    Thanks xx

    1. thank you, and do you have a blog? x

  4. I've moved straight over from Vogue and onto Oh Comely and Frankie over the past few months. Once you pick up an indie magazine there's no going back!
    Megan x
    London Callings


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