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-- Grab a cuppa and get ready for the post that 
has been long awaited (I hope) --

Last month I went to the Oxford Street Lush store, and I did a post on it here where I announced I would make a post about the products. Now that I've used them all, I'm very excited to tell you what all the fuss is about with the store. When you're reading this, I'll be recovering from jet lag, and I thought I would give myself a rest while I get my energy back haha.

The products I picked up were:
The Experimenter
Yuzu and Cocoa
The Comforter shower gel

This post is a bit picture heavy, so get ready...


This bath bomb is the only one in my haul that you can get anywhere. And when you put it in the bath, it's really pretty and pink with a dash of glitter. And there was a surprise of blue in the middle ooh. I love the stars, and the actual bath was pleasant but not the best. It contains lavender, ylang ylang oil (still don't know what that is) and Tonka absolute. If you want a lovely pink paradise, then that's the one for you.


This is one of the first Oxford Street exclusives, and straight up I admit this is my favourite. It's much like the Starry Night bath bomb you get a Christmas (I think it's called that) but so much better. It screams galaxy and is so gorgeous I would go up to London for another one. It contains peppermint and popping candy, and that in itself is a living dream. If you don't know a proper reason to visit the store, make this product the reason!

Yuzu and Cocoa:

A cute bubbleroon exclusive that smells like a chocolate orange - says Lush. I've only used half and I still got loads of bubbles. The water is super creamy and my skin after was so soft. As expected it has cocoa butter and yuzu. (Again what the hell is that?) It's quite small but creates some lovely yellow water, I was very pleased with this purchase.


Inspired by the film, it is a magical journey into the world of blue and glitter. It smells quite fruity because of the grapefruit, and it was so nice to relax in. It's the next best thing to the Intergalactic if you can't get a hold of that. Let it go, just let all your worries go and relax in this! *ahem sorry*


From the name you can tell it's calming. I used this the night before my exam and it seemed to work some magic as I felt quite calm. It has woody olibanum and ho wood to create a natural wood scent. (duh) The water was really orange and the smell is really strong, so it's perfect for those stressful times.

The Experimenter:

Apparently the popular one. It's very pretty in solid form and when fizzing away but that's about it. The water is grey and murky and even though it smelt really nice it kind of dampened my mood. If you want a bath bomb to be super cheerful, then go for the Intergalactic. I don't know what it contains as there was no text on the label and it's not sold on the website, but all I know is that it smells nice.

And that's it. I haven't used the Comforter shower gel yet, but it's in the first picture to show what I bought. I hope you've been persuaded to buy some products, or if you don't live in the UK, to hop on a flight just to get something.

I'm very happy with what I bought and it was £28 well spent to be honest. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you properly in a few days. xx

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  1. The Experimenter was my favourite because I found it so mysterious! But that said I loved Intergalactic and Frozen too. I need to try Yoga already.

    1. I actually went to the Oxford Street Store today and the Intergalactic was no where to be found :(


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