The Summer Bronzer | Soap & Glory Wonderbronze


-- I'm armed with a great bronzer 
for the summer --

The other day I bought the Soap & Glory Wonderbronze for my holiday. It's similar to the blush in terms of design and the layout of the product in side -  I did a post on the blush here. I'm in love with the packaging as the whole vintage look is so pretty, and after the impressive results from the blush I have a feeling this will be perfect. I've swatched a little bit, but I haven't taken a picture as it doesn't show up that good and I couldn't get a good angle of my hand. #bloggerproblems. And I also want to save the actual using of it for the holiday.

From the swatch I got, it's a beautiful shimmery muted tan colour which is what I wanted, and to be honest I'm glad it came out like that as I didn't want my face to turn orange. I'm probably talking rubbish now as this is my first ever bronzer. I'm aiming this to be sort of a contour but to do that I think I need to get another brush as I don't have any good spares. For the quality, you expect a hefty price, and that comes to £11. I was prepared to pay this due to the impressive products I've tried previously from the brand. And trust me, this brand is like a high end brand but for a drug store price - it's just perfect.

What's your go to bronzer for the summer?

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  1. My sister has this and I love it. Soap and Glory is such a good brand!


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