The Sunday Summary #1


-- Too excited for the summer or bored of things to do?
here's a list of what I did to inspire you --

This week has been quick, like lightning quick, and I did a lot of things to prepare for the summer. Apart from revision, I enjoyed the little things that made my week and I thought why not share them with you in a little Sunday post.

Make some iced coffee:
I probably saved a few pounds by not going to Starbucks and I made three iced coffees this week. I have a lovely Dolce Gusto machine which makes them and I just added ice. For an alternative, I put some milk from the fridge and added some normal coffee pods from the machine. It tastes so good and so close to my Starbucks favourite.

Buy some holiday beauty products:
The other day I bought a load of products for the summer including a bronzer and an eyeshadow palette. I think the best thing ever is to freshen up your collection/routine with new products, and if you want to like me, save them for when you go on holiday so you have something new and amazing to wear and experiment with.

Indulge in some new reads:
This week I bought a couple of books for the summer with the last of my birthday money and they were John Green's Paper Towns - because I love his books and I need to read it before I see the film - and Caitlin Moran's How To Build A Girl. Saving these for the hot summer days to chill in the sun or a flight is good as it's a break from the internet. I'm actually looking forward to reading these yay.

Have a pizza and film evening:
Buy your favourite frozen pizza or order from the best takeaway ever - Dominos - and watch a film with the sound system on. Being curled up on the sofa with your bae (the pizza) and just chilling couldn't be a greater end to a week or day.

Have a good Sunday evening everyone xx

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  1. I love making myself iced coffee, it can turn out surprisingly well! And also as you saw from my insta, I've picked up some new books :) Nearly read one of them already! x

  2. iced coffee is my favorite thing recently.

  3. Paper Towns is amazing!!! Great blog post and I love your pics on insta :)


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx