Percy & Reed Volumising No Oil Oil


-- Could this be the product that beats 
my beloved VO5? --

To be honest with you guys, I've never heard of Percy and Reed and it wasn't until I received this little bottle along with last month's issue of ELLE that I became intrigued. I'm that one girl that doesn't want to dry out her hair and damage it while giving it a good blasting with the hair dryer, and I've been turning to my VO5 for that as it's a gel like substance. But with this little product, I was fascinated with the name. No oil oil. What. I still kind of don't understand what it actually is, but apparently it's not oil, but is still liquid. It contains violet extract and pro vitamin B5, which I think can only be a really good thing. 

I've tried this out twice now and my verdict is pretty positive. After washing my hair, I put three to four drops of liquid from the pump into my hands and ran it from my roots to the tips. I thought it would be sticky and thick but really it's a really thin liquid - if you get what I mean. It's very easy to apply and control the usage of. When I finished drying my hair, I was impressed. It was very soft and smooth and that's what I like, though due to my hair being relatively thick I don't think it did any volumising.

It's a good size to take on holiday with you, and I think that's what I'm going to do. The full size however, as I found out, was £14. Would I honestly fork out that much? It depends on how I feel when I finish the product, but good on ELLE for giving this little product away as a free gift.

What's your go to hair care product?

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  1. Ooh I got this in Elle too but I haven't tried it out yet - but I have used quite a few percy and reed products because they give out samples a lot and I really love them as a brand! Bit pricey for me though. I don't really do much with my haircare routine, but I swear by Aussie! x

    1. My mum uses Aussie so I might ask her for a couple of recommendations :) x


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