June Favourites


-- Take a look at what things I've been 
loving on holiday this month --

You should all know by now that I was on holiday on the last two weeks of June, and that's when I bought new products for that period of time and without my extensive collection of goodies, I got to put some of them to the test. What came up on top is featured here among an array of other lovely things. Even though I had an amazing time in America eating the best McDonald's a girl could eat and being plagued by the same country songs over and over again, I am glad to be home and see all my friends. And it looks like I brought the heat back with me, it's been so hot recently haha. I hope you enjoy this month's favourites and do comment below what you've loved this month.

Soap & Glory Archery D-I-Y Brow Bar:
You know that amazing feeling you get when you think you found the one? That one product that does everything you want and makes you feel and look fabulous? Then this one is it. Soap & Glory are my favourite brand ever and this product is the best thing I've bought from them. I did a full review here on the product, and I've used it every day since. The powder is able to be easily used to define and shape my brows and I think I can tell you that this is the product you need to try - like now.


I have two right now from New Look and I've been obsessed. Usually I buy a necklace, wear it for a week and then forget about it. But with these, I've been wearing them like crazy this month. I did have a couple of days when I forgot but I love them. There's no annoying chain that hangs down and the little pendants add something special to the classic design. There's a reason why everyone wears them - they make you look effortlessly cool and makes every outfit amazing.

£3 each

Lush Comforter Shower Gel:
This Oxford Street exclusive was my staple for the two weeks I was away and it smelt so good. It lathers really nicely and during the use, my skin hasn't become dry. It usually does in the summer, but with this little beauty, my skin felt so soft and smooth. If you're looking for a nice little shower gel for your holiday that keeps you skin looking amazing in the sun, then get this!

Around £3 -£4

Soap and Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter:
This thick cream like but easy to blend in body butter was what added that amazing extra softness to my skin - when I could be bothered to apply it that is. It smells so good and unlike other products, it didn't take long at all for my skin to absorb it. And after using, the dry patches I had on my legs before the holiday were gone yay.


NYLON and Material Girl:
There is only one reason why two magazines that I don't buy end up in my favourites. Marina. I managed to get hold of NYLON in America, and as I rushed to the stand I let out an internal scream of 'OMG QUUEEEEENN!' I also bought Material Girl the day after I got back to London. Both interviews were amazing to read, and the images from the photoshoots are beautiful. In three days she releases the UK tour dates, and I'm going to get the tickets, even if it means selling my soul to pizza.

Price: I don't even know.

What have you guys loved this month?

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