Summer iPhone Wallpapers You'll Love!


-- Sharing some gems I found on Pinterest 
that might brighten up your summer --

Whether you're living the life on the beach while reading blog posts right now or like me, you're stuck in doors with rain and you can't take lovely blog photos because it's so dark, a beautiful iPhone wallpaper is what you need. (Obviously I'm not dissing Samsungs but admit it, iPhone is the best) I was scrolling through Pinterest the other night and I found these three beautiful wallpapers that might cheer you and your phone up. As a disclaimer, these are not mine and I do not own them so I'm linking the original pages on the three names so you can save them. They're super easy to download and I hope you enjoy what I've found. I have the third one currently and it makes my phone look bright and happy - even if the weather isn't...

Have a wonderful Friday, and hopefully I'll see you guys tomorrow with a beauty post. xx

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  1. What lovely iphone backgrounds! I especially love the lemons. Thanks for sharing!

    Rae | Love from Berlin


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