Pinterest Envy #6


-- This month is all about summer minimalism 
and some gorgeous diy pieces --

I admit that I haven't been on Pinterest enough this month so I scrapped together what I have pinned and I'm slowly getting back into my addiction haha. The reason being - tumblr has taken over and I've become addicted to YouTube, Netflix and the Sims 3 on my DS... Anyways, I hope you're inspired by what I have set out and I'm telling you, this month includes some actual envy. I mean look at that caramel sauce and burgers damn! (Ps. I promise to do more exciting posts soon x)


Grid One:
{Contemporary Nails | Live and Love | Summer's Essential | A Ladder's Statement | Nature's Notebook | Be Myself Through Style}

Grid Two:
{Heaven in Caramel | Coffee is Life | Sugar and Coffee | Monochrome and Nature | Artistic Tattoo | Burgers for Two}


pinterest: franalibi (link at the top social bar)

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx