The Sunday Summary #4


-- This week is all about the little things in life 
that can make you happy --

I firstly apologise for not posting as much as I would have liked and I feel there is a very small gap between last week's summary. This was due to the fact that there have been a couple of days where London and even the whole of Britain was dunked into the dark ages with torrential rain, so there was no way my photos were going to be uploaded in crap quality. It's quality before quantity guys! Here's the week summarised in four pictures and doesn't involve any rain. (Thank goodness!)

Holographic Summer:
On Tuesday I bought these beautiful holographic nude sandals which looked so pretty and cool. I got them in Debenhams where they were 30% off which meant they were £20.65 - couldn't they have knocked off the 65p? *sad face* Anyway, I've worn them twice already and they go perfectly with anything and everything summery. So when I do eventually go to London and Brighton then I'll be looking fabulous in these.

Glorious Sunsets:
The other day I was amazed to see this beautiful sunset which is very rare considering the weather we had this week. With a little help in VSCOCam, it looks better than ever. And yes, I was hanging out of the window to take this picture...

I was craving something sweet and homemade, so I whipped up Tanya Burr's milk and chocolate cookies. Considering I've been sticking to the triple chocolate recipe, these turned out amazing - and that's because I used white caster sugar instead of the brown. Warning: never use brown when making cookie dough! I ate them in about three days, 12 were made, and along with my mum, we polished them off.

Salted Caramel Treats:
Along with my sandals purchase, I bought these salted caramel profiteroles from M&S, and it was delicious. So much so I didn't enjoy the chocolate mousse at the bottom because I wanted more of the caramel sauce. They're new, so if you ever pop in there, do pick a pot up!

That was my small week summarized up yay.

How was your week my lovely readers?

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx