The Alibi Book Club #5


-- If you haven't read this yet then you need to 
and where have you been?! --

Normally I read a book, finish it, then write about it. But this month I've only just got over halfway, I'm hooked and I need to share this masterpiece with you. Disclaimer: I've read it before so I know how it goes, but I haven't read it in so long that I've forgotten what happens. So let's get down to it. The Time Traveler's Wife is around 500 pages of pure genius and there's never a boring long part. 

If you're clueless to what it's about then to put it simply, it's about a guy called Henry who meets a girl called Clare when she's 6 and he's 36, but marry when she's 22 and he's 30. That's because, if you understand the title already, Henry is a time traveler and his condition means his and Clare's lives are entwined.

The story is set out in three parts, and in each chapter there's many dates ranging through the 60s to the 90s, as Clare and Henry tell their stories. You each get to hear their voices and they take turns and each part begins with (E.g.) Thursday 23rd December 1990 (Clare is 20, Henry is 32) I think this makes it easier to follow the story line as you can tell whether Henry has time traveled or not.

Without giving anything away, as I try so hard to with each of these posts, but it's about the couple falling in love and trying to lead normal lives as they both have to live with Henry's condition. It's heartwarming and easy to get stuck into. This book is perfect for the summer and an excellent beach read. There's a reason why it's an international bestseller, and as I start coming to the end of the novel, I just want to read it again.

What book have you guys loved so far this summer?

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx