Being Happy This Summer


-- Here's four ways to live your summer to the full 
even when the weather isn't nice --

It's approximately 9:15pm and I'm writing a blog post. This is out of the ordinary. But I just had a wave of inspiration after browsing through Pinterest and thinking about tomorrow. It's summer and in London the weather isn't holding up and it's crap and bringing me down, and I don't know about you but I need something to motivate me on days like this. That's why I'm writing this little post on four little things you can do to make your summer amazing. Ps. the above photo is of my beautiful friend who fits the title so well. <3

Wake up early:
I've been told that actually having a lie in makes you feel worse and more tired. So from tomorrow I aim to set my alarm and get up early and be refreshed for the day. I may even have a morning pamper by using the Zoella scrub and washing my hair with some Lush goodies.

Have soft fruit:
Blueberries help with metabolism and raspberries and strawberries are just too good to eat and scream summer. I love eating soft fruits and when I make a fruit salad with these I feel like it should be summer, and it just makes me feel very happy and healthy.

Chill with friends:
I've been feeling pretty lonely so far this summer, but whenever I get a chance to chill with friends I feel better. It's good to surround yourself with people you trust and love and I think that's a priority when you're having a lovely summer break.

Iced coffee:
I love iced coffee, it's sooo good and especially when it's homemade with fresh milk and ice cubes. I'm lucky to have a coffee machine to make it with, but you can still use coffee in jars from the supermarket as I've seen others do it and it works out fine.

I had to get this post out of my system before I went to bed and read my book - which is tomorrow's post so look forward to that. I hope you liked it and it inspired you. Good night everyone. xx

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  1. I loveeeee eating fruits in the mornings! Makes me feel so refreshed! xx

    1. I eat them at lunch now or otherwise they'll be gone by the next morning haha


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