Lush Amandopondo Review


-- A fresh calming scent is essential for the long 
days and the stressful ones --

While I was in Lush getting my essentials (think Big shampoo and Tea Tree Water) my mum kindly bought me this cute little bubble bar. It's the Amandopondo and it smells of lemons, roses and oranges - which is what it contains. At £2.75 a bar, it lasts for two baths and it's definitely worth the money. I've used half already and it creates so many bubbles it's unbelievable.

Lush say:

When you need life to bring you flowers, this heady rose scent combined with stimulating lemon is the perfect thing to pick you up. This is a romantic, relaxing bath to take you away from it all. We use rose absolute (from the Damask rose), which produces a feeling of well-being. In fact, it’s used in aromatherapy to help lift the spirits. Lemon oil and sweet orange oil also give you reasons to feel cheerful.

It's not a really strong scent, but the bar is kind to the senses and is very pleasing. And just the description that Lush gives reminds me of being in a spa. Not that I've been to one but I like the idea of one in your own home. With this cute little bubble bar, a face mask and some foot creams and lotions, it's a plain fact that you're well on your way to an evening that you deserve. I'll certainly buy this again when I finish the other one, so thanks mum, you sure have taste!

What's your favourite bubble bar?

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  1. I literally just tried this because I'll be reviewing it on my blog. It's actually being discontinued really soon!

    1. excuse my language but WTF!? :O where did you find that out?! I'm so sad...

  2. I didn`t know about this product so thanks for sharing :) great post! Btw, you`re very beautiful :) have a nice day x

    Welcome to my blog :))

    1. thank you so much, and I'm glad you liked my post x


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