Zoella Tutti Fruity | Body Scrub Review


-- Zoe's summer collection is here and maybe there's 
something worth raving about... --

Let me set the scene as I type this post. It's 26 degrees, I have a cold glass of water next to me and typing while Froot by Marina and the Diamonds is playing. It's a perfect summer afternoon, and there's no exception to Zoe's new Tutti Fruity collection. I admit, I've only bought the scrub, but not in a 'I bet this product won't be much' sort of way, but I'm a poor child with hardly any money. I admit, if you don't know that I'm part of the thousands of teenage fans that worship at Zoe's feet, then you haven't been reading my blog long.

For £7, which is just £1.60 under my beloved Lush Rub Rub Rub scrub, I expected great things. And indeed I did get them. I'm not speaking as a fan of Zoe/Zoella, but as someone who desires for a decent body scrub. The texture is more solid than the liquid like Lush version and this gave me the impression it would be gentler on the skin. Like Victoria from vvnightingale.co.uk said, it is indeed like Vaseline. And personally, I think that's a good thing. I apologise for my bad blogger etiquette but I had to use it before I wrote the post, but in my excitement I forgot to take photos. Am I forgiven? Thanks.

On application, it feels rather rough but I guess my skin is tough enough to handle it because there were no red marks on my skin and the results were about the same as other scrubs I have tried. The scent itself lives up to the name of the collection and is perfect for morning and evening showers if you want to feel summery as you can smell it after, but it's not overpowering. In a strange way, I like the Vaseline like quality as it helps me to use less than I would have done with other products.

I think I would buy this again as this was the product I was excited about in Zoe's new collection. I obviously aim to buy other products to review as I'm intrigued with the fizz bar and body wash.

If you guys have bought any of Zoe's new products, what did you think of them?

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  1. I'm glad you liked it, just wasn't for me haha but that said I have ridiculously sensitive skin so I'm sure it works for people who don't :) x


    1. that's a shame, well the Lush one I mentioned is finer than S&G so you might enjoy using that x


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