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I apologise for not posting in a few days, it's very unlike me but I've been pretty occupied looking for jobs so sadly I put my blog on the back peddle. Even though my blog has suffered a blow of less traffic, I'm determined to keep going. So today, I'm starting with a recount of the two weeks I spent in America. I was there to visit family and it was really fun but also super exhausting. There's five grids of pictures that I had to pick out that summed up my holiday, it was hard because I had too many and it felt like a talent show where you whittled down the numbers. Anyway, instead of making this a super long post, for each grid I'm just going to write a sentence to describe the photo, I hope you enjoy it. :)

Grid One:
High in the Clouds: The internal flight was low in the clouds and it was probably one of my favourites.
The City: Driving past the skyline of Nashville on the way to Chattanooga.
Nom Nom Tuna Melt: A little lunch before the main flight and having a little read of ELLE.
The Virgin Way: The Virgin Atlantic flight was calm and and I couldn't resist this shot.

Grid Two:
Ruby Falls: We visited an underground waterfall and it was pretty, I also loved the cave.
Seven States: In Rock City, there was an area that looked across Tennessee.
OOTD: One of many sneaky shots of my outfit. I used my AA bag everywhere I went and I love those shorts so much.
The Swinging Bridge: I think this was the best part of Rock City, and it was so fun to be high up on a bridge - I'm not particularly afraid of heights.

Grid Three:
Broadway: This is one of the main streets in Nashville and is part of Music City, and it was full of life.
Chicken and Chips: We went to a music bar called the Honky Tonk, this was a starter... Like what? I'd hate to see what the main meal would have been like...
The Hall of Fame: The two last pictures in this grid is a beautiful painting in the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the entrance which is massive.

Grid Four:
PIZZAA: Probably one of the best pizzas ever, it was authentic and thin which is what a pizza should be. I would go back just for that.
Broadway Part Two: The shop fronts were really colourful and particularly reminded me of Camden.
Cowboy Boots: Seriously authentic boots that people actually buy, and they were up to and even over $300.
Peace: The entrance to a hippie shop that turned out to be really expensive.

Grid Five:
Snow Cones: I went to a picnic with live country music and there were snow cones. I had my first ever snow cone and it was a nice experience.
Two Old Hippies: That pretty and cool but expensive hippie shop.
Pickin' on the Porch: The band were literally playing on a porch in the picnic and the lights around the tree were pretty.
Wherever: I bought this independent American magazine and it was about travel and probably one of the best I've bought.

I hope you guys forgive my little absence, I'll be back tomorrow with a little beauty review. xx

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