6 Blogs I Can't Stop Reading


-- From the popular to the little, here is a list 
of the blogs you need to have on Bloglovin' --

I wasn't going to write a post today because I'm really exhausted, but hey, I was scrolling through my Bloglovin' feed and two thoughts came to mind. One: I need to present my photos in a more cleaner way. So, now I'm using Afterlight for my blog and VSCO for my instagram. Two: I need to tell my readers what blogs I keep going back to and loving at the moment.

Hands up, I admit that you'll probably recognise some of them but a majority of the bloggers I love are small bloggers. So don't worry, Zoella won't be dominating because you guys already know I love her haha. So, here's the six blogs that I can't keep my eyes off...

Lily always presents her photos in a really cool way and her lifestyle and fashion posts make life seem enjoyable, and that it's not hard to be fashionable. I could easily get clothes dupes from Primark, so I love reading her blog for inspiration. And there's not one beauty post that goes unread.

If there's one blog that makes you wish you had better writing skills, it would be Jennie's. Her posts vary from beauty and lifestyle, and I've always looked forward to every post. Especially the subscription box reviews. She's not only inspired me to be my true self when writing posts, but also to think of reading books that I've never thought of reading. Diving into classics and trying to forget how torturous it was analysing Great Gatsby and enjoy it like I did before A Levels.

I feel like a crazy fangirl right now as I'm always commenting on her posts. But Katy always grows from strength to strength. Her blog theme, writing style and photos always brings the sunshine to a rainy day and I wish I had her life. But I can't, so I learn from her to appreciate the little things like food, sunny days and quality time with friends!

Her photos are beautiful just like Lily's. I always look forward to her Sunday posts. Suzie also has an amazing YouTube channel and I've recently been loving her holiday photos as she looks so happy and body confident, and that makes me feel like I should be happy in myself.

Victoria is probably one of the first few people I followed when I created my blog. Her homeware selections on Monday's make me want to go on Pinterest asap and the posts in between are always a joy to read. Plus, she's a hardcore Lushie just like me, so when I'm broke and wanting some Lush joy in my life, I can always count on her blog to provide haha.

I want to keep this short and sweet: the blue haired goddess of fashion and beauty has always and will always be one of my favourite bloggers. She's so down to earth and her writing style is one you never grow tired of reading.

And those are the 6 blogs I'm loving right now. There's loads more and some of my other favourites probably include you if you read my blog and I follow you, but we all know this post would be too long if I included a full list hehe.

Have a good evening guys x

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  1. Aww thank you so much Fran and I agree with all your fave blogs - I especially love Little Miss Katy! x


  2. Aww thank you SO much for including me, you've made my week! Yayy for books, studying can really dull the joy of reading sometimes so I've got a lot of love for the book blogs that reminded me that reading is fun! <3

    1. that's ok, you're welcome x do you have any book blog recommendations? :)

  3. Adding these to my bloglovin' reading list as-well as yours lovely! Beautiful Blog! :)

    Anna from www.annieemac.co.uk


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