Pinterest Envy #7


-- I'm going to totally change the Pinterest 
envy game right, here right now --

Let me set the scene. It's extremely dark in my house, and I have to put my lights on to see what I'm even doing, it's also dark outside. No, it's not night time, it's 9:30am on a really rainy day in good ol' Britain. And for some reason that's made me want to change the way I write my Pinterest posts. I don't want to just give cute witty captions, I want to lengthen them and explain what goes through my mind when I pin them and go through them row by row in this post. (Also, it's too dark to take the blog photos I planned) This month involved A LOT of interiors and fashion pieces so this is what I've picked out...

1. To be honest, I was really impressed with this look. It's simply art and I wish I could do something like that. It might be just me, but in all her beauty, she just looks a little sad.

2. Tarte packaging is so pretty, and so are these blushes. I want to say they're cream ones but I don't want to mislead. I would love to own this in the future to be honest.

3. Palm trees. Not hard to explain, I just love them and they make a change from boring ones in London.

4 and 5. I've cleared my shelves and interior posts like this have inspired me to go down to Primark, buy the whole homeware section and make my room look fabulous. (Because Primark actually have amazing homeware for the A/W season now!)

6. I love metallic triangle things, and I thought they were just for candles or nothing at all. But it just goes to show you can put anything in them! Goals.

7. I love black backpacks like these, and I actually have one myself. But I just find if pieces like this are presented well, it deserves to be in my style and beauty pinboard.

8. This veggie burger looks so good. I want to be more healthy because I really haven't as of late, and this pin will hopefully make me want to make my own veggie burgers.

And that's a summary of my August pinning frenzy. I hope you liked it compared to what I usually do. I'll see you tomorrow with an actual post - I hate having to depend on the weather to have good blog photos ugh.

Ps. The rain is now heavier than ever before and London has been submerged into Mordor.

Have a good day xx

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  1. I'm not even in London but it has been raining so much here omg! I love number one, I've always wanted to be able to paint in that style but I'm not the best at art really! x

    1. it's horrible, it actually feels like winter! :(

  2. Really lovely pinterest finds and I too am a huge fan of palm trees. Something about seeing them just puts me in a good mood. Maybe because they remind me of being on holiday. Love the shelving inspiration as well!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. thank you and I know! If I lived near somewhere where there were palm trees, I would be really happy!


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx