-- Aussies, you have one of the best magazine's 
ever, I'm truly impressed --

A couple of weeks ago, after searching for oh comely and coming up empty handed, a lilac bright cover was staring me in the face while I was in WHSmith. It was frankie. Of course, through tumblr and instagram I knew of it's existence. (And it kind of neatly ties in with the blog announcement I have at the end!) But I haven't seen it in physical form since when I was just starting year 12, spotted it because it was practically my name and took a jokey photo of it without realising what goodness it held inside. Fast forward a year later and I'm positively addicted.

I always think that great independent magazines like this are the new era for the magazine age. I did a post on why they're so amazing which you can read here. Anyway, back to the magazine at hand. At £7 an issue in the UK, you could consider that as expensive, but the joy of it is that there are no big name brand adverts which clog up the magazine. Much like ELLE, as much as I love it, there's just too many designer adverts. Therefore, a magazine like frankie is very content rich and I very much enjoyed looking through it. There's quite a bit in there which I'm amazed that they've managed to cram in. They have everything from fashion, music, art, real life, travel, thoughts, etc. I guess the cover of the magazine tells all anyway.

My particular favourites included a review of Australian tissues and their quality, facts about hair, the new age of mumcore, floristry and soup recipes. That's just the tip of the ice berg. They've also given away a trendy art poster and on the other side is a two month calendar. It's just so original and cool. I'm just glad I don't actually live in Australia because I would of had to pay $10 and I don't know if that's tax included. Much like others I've read, the articles are witty, funny and I get the impression that every issue is written with care and passion and every writer just wants to have fun and create the best magazine possible.

I have to say that the covers are one of my favourite things about frankie because the art is so pretty and photogenic. I'm glad that they've moved on from having covers that could blend in easily in a shop. With this they stand out, not like a sore thumb, but one that's been dipped in pink paint and covered with gold glitter. Luckily, the big WHSmith's stock it and this current issue is on sale. I don't know when the actual current issue will arrive to the UK, but I definitely will be ready.


I promised a blog announcement in my previous post. It doesn't affect this blog, but I just want to let you guys know I've created a side blog! It's inspired by independent magazines and their creativity, and I thought that the creative things I want to write wouldn't fit in with this blog as I want to keep it lifestyle and beauty related. So this one will hopefully let me write more freely and it's called:

Original right? You can follow it on bloglovin' right now. I've had to create another account to claim it as I want to keep it separate from this blog. If you notice there's extra articles on bloglovin', it's because I kind of trialed ran it for a couple of months, and only now I know what I want to do with it. I hope you enjoy it and are interested in what I'm going to write in the future. Hopefully the first two posts I did yesterday will sell you over..

Thanks for reading this far if you have, see you all tomorrow. xx

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