The Sunday Summary #8


-- If there's one post that allows me to ramble on about 
everything and anything, it would be this one --

Happy Sunday lovelies! I am currently in my garden typing this out with a lovely iced coffee placed beside me. (And an Emirates jumbo plane is flying over my house and making me miss the flights I was on.. *sad face*) This week, like any other week, did not have any major events, but in fact, the little things that came along with it did. One of them being a homemade Nando's because my mum got the £1 lemon and herb marinade that they sell. But aside from that, here's four actual things in pictures that made my week...

To Kill a Mockingbird:
I am so late to the Harper Lee club, but after serious consideration in Waterstones on which I decided I needed to step away from the horror books and read some classics, I bought one of the ultimate classics... in Morrisons. A huge contrast from Waterstones, I know, but my local supermarket were selling it for £4 so I grabbed it. It's actually a really addictive book, in two days I'm already half way and the narrative of Scout is probably the best protagonist point of view ever.

Here's my face pulling a weird expression that is yet to be put on instagram. This week I've fallen in love with Rimmel's Kate Moss lipstick collection all over again and here I am of course wearing 107. I also am wearing my favourite top at the moment which was £6 in Primark. 

More Oh Comely:
After nearly a month I finally found the latest issue of my favourite magazine yesterday. I'm very happy and spent the majority of the afternoon getting my by-monthly dosage of the best UK independent magazine. With a Starbucks that I brought back with me of course. (Totally not trying to sell this magazine to you here...)

Lemon and Orange:
It was a lovely hot day yesterday and quite warm the day before, so I put together a most refreshing drink. Sparkling lemon and orange juice! How do you make it? To get this summer treat, all you need to do is fill half a glass full with orange juice and top it up with lemonade. And voila, a beautiful refreshing drink.

And that was my week! Just to let you know, I'll be putting another post up at around 12/1 today which includes a magazine review and a little announcement yay!

How was your week guys?

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  1. Ah I feel like Sunday round-ups are one of my favourite posts to read! So glad you're enjoying To Kill a Mockingbird, its one of my all-time favourite books, especially because of the way it is told by Scout. I've not actually heard of the Oh Comely magazine - I need to check it out :) x
    Charlotte's Road

    1. thanks and yes I totally agree, it's now one of my fave books! Also oh comely is £5 x


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