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-- You know that moment when you immediately 
love something and have to share it with the
rest of the world? Yeah I have that --

Yesterday I found the glorious new Ben and Jerry's cookie core range in Farmfoods for £2.95. Yeah that's right. And with a coffee, a magazine and an hour on my hands, I entered the realms of heaven. I know what you're thinking - you've never written a post on some supermarket food in your life. That's very true, but I couldn't give this a miss, and I'm not even sponsored by the brand.

I've eaten about half already and as a chocoholic, I came to the obvious conclusion that this was one of the best damn ice cream flavours/combinations I have ever eaten. If you're familiar with the brand, they fill their tubs right up to the top, so when you lift the lid up you will sigh in admiration to such a beautiful thing to exist. The ice cream not only has a delightful crunchy/smooth cookie core, there's also random chunks throughout the actual chocolate ice cream. It's also really rich, but not in a sickly 'I can't eat anymore of this' way, but more of a 'this is so intense I need to eat more' way. And that is what sold me.

I'm literally having some summer blues right now, I feel like my summer is over even though it's only the beginning of August. I feel like I need more days out with friends, but nobody's hardly free and I'm not allowed to go out on my own which sucks. So, I've basically holed up in my room watching loads of PLL and now I'm on season three (aahhh) and with the added ice cream, it's been manageable.

If you're anything like me, you miss summer and you want to bring it back with some films and ice cream, then make this the ice cream for you! (Saying that makes feel like I'm in an insurance ad or something like that haha) But seriously, if I buy another tub after this, you'll know I've become obsessed if it ends up in my August favourites.

What's your favourite Ben & Jerry's flavour?

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  1. Call me crazy but I've never tried Ben and Jerry's! But, this looks bloody ahhmazing! This is what chocoholic's dreams are made of <3 <3 <3
    She Will Be

    1. it is haha, and don't worry, I tried it for the first time the year before last x

  2. I love your blog! I would love it if you checked out mine??


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