The Sunday Summary #9


-- This week's joys included limes, hair products 
and a new book purchase... --

A late Sunday post today, sorry, but I went to Primark this morning to get some new homeware products for my shelves. And I have to say, they're starting to look quite Pinterest now! This week went by so quickly and I can't believe that it's already the 30th! :o

This week can be summarised into four pictures, so here goes...

The Joys of Hair and Brows:
I bought some OGX the other day, and I did a review on it here. I have to say that my hair was practically straight and felt so so soft. Also, I decided to tone down my eyebrows, and I think they look better thinner.

Cool Lime Refresha:
I tried the cool lime refresha for the first time on Friday and it was an amazing refreshing break from the usual iced coffee. I loved it so much that I was sad when it was finished, but there's always next time I guess... And look how nice it blends in with the plants by Starbucks!

Aside from all the rain I keep moaning about.. (Sorry) There was finally an Instagrammable sunset. I'm just putting it in this post as proof haha. I always love it when clouds reflect the sunset for some reason, tell me it isn't just me...

Coffee and a Book:
Yesterday with my family, we went out and I bought a book. It's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. I'm very excited to read this because it's about magic, and because it's over 1000 pages, I'm hoping that it'll take me a while, so don't expect it to be reviewed anytime soon.

How was your week guys?

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx