How To De-Clutter Your Life (And Your Room)


-- Oh the joys of making everything 
*temporarily* tidy --

*pic cred: tumblr*

Did I get you with that title? I hope I enticed you here. This post isn't really a 'How To', more like: Here's What I Did This Week, And How You Should Take Inspiration! Seeing as this is a personal blog of sorts, why not the hell make this a personal post!

I feel like whenever September comes, it feels more like a new year and a new start rather than the more traditional 'it's January 1st!'. And that means creating a big change in my room and making a clean slate. This week, I've been getting rid of loads of things, mainly because, well, I'm 18 and I want my room to feel more me. As well as the fact, like everyone else, I want to feel more organised.

Firstly, I got rid of my old school work that would be no relevance to me now, old posters of bands because I'm past that stage of having a wall filled with posters (You Me At Six anyone?), books that I haven't picked up in over a year and old beauty products past their recommended date and ornaments.

Next, I went on Pinterest for inspiration, and yesterday I popped into Primark and bought a load of homeware things. Which I filmed a little video about and uploaded for YouTube. You can watch it at the end of this post to see what I got. Everything in my room just feels so much tidier, and I feel as an 18 year old, I can move forward with my life and leave my embarrassing 14 year old memories behind.

I also cleared out notebooks and kept the ones I'm most likely to use, got a new snazzy bin and a new succulent for my bedside table. No it's not marina, I got another one after her. Two succulents in a week! I don't know what I'm going to call them but if you have suggestions, do tell me!

The most important thing was clearing out my email. I had 1000s of social and promotional emails which were relating to my blog, Tumblr, and Boots Advantage Card. I feel so much better and more organised haha.

De-cluttering honestly puts you in good spirits because you feel more organised and fresh ready for a new start. I feel more ready now and my room feels more me thanks to my little Primark spending spree haha. The next step is to keep the magazines that are more coffee table book like than gossipy and sort out my nail paints.

If you have cleaner surroundings, you have more of a happy outlook 
on life and ready for the more exciting things to come...
- Me

Have I inspired you guys?

PS. Here's the video:

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx