-- The end of another summer, the beginning of a 
new autumn and winter chapter --

It's actually crazy how it's already the first of September and in reality summer is practically over. Now, last year I was saying how it's the last year of education for me, and this year I'm going to say: Well, I have no school but I need to get a job!

I consider this post a carry on from last year's #SUMMER2014. Loads of crazy and amazing things have happened to me, and these nine photos highlight the good times. I can't believe that I finally went on a plane this year, and also to America! Holy moly. Once back down on earth, I had other great times in London. Haven't been to Brighton yet, but I decided it was better to go in September.

So in summaries, this is what happened in my summer...

1. I went on a plane in June and it was epic. I need to go again asap.

2. Fulfilled my cravings of Pizza Express with one of the baes.

3. Bought two more cacti to add to my collection, because I did that last summer...

4. Went out with another bae to meet a friend for coffee. I also stole her sunglasses.

5. Had four or five caramel coffee jelly frappucinos - I lost count, but they're sooo good!

6. Went to Nashville, listened to some country and had food. I did a post on my holiday here.

7. I had my first ever Wagamamas and it was epic. Have a lotta love for the katsu curry.

8. Spent a day in London with the bae and we just chilled. Love those days.

9. Went to the National Gallery with my mum and it was amazing, I loved the art and the peace.

That was my summer summarised. Now I have debate whether to change my instagram filter or not.

How was your summer?

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  1. Sounds like you had such a lovely summer - Wagamama is just amazing right?!

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk

    1. YES IT IS! and I did hehe x


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