Autumn Beauty: Soap and Glory Peach Party Blush


-- Oh look another Autumn makeup review - this one is full of sparkle --

I've been trying and succeeding in really milking Autumn this year. The latest installment of my Autumn beauty is a stunning blush from Soap and Glory. It's called Peach Party and the orange, gold, cream and pink tones really create most beautiful muted orange look that's perfect for the season. I've recently been teaming it with dark red/berry lips and gold eye shadows.

For £11, this is honestly one of the best blushes ever, even though I really love their other one in the range, but there's something about this one that really blends in with my skin and makes any look look epic. No wonder, since I see Soap and Glory as the high end brand that brings drugstore prices. If you've been reading my blog the whole year, then you'll know that I really love this brand and I'm collecting loads of products. (Still need to acquire the Lid Stuff...)

I'm really crap at swatch shots, even though I mainly write about beauty, but if you can trust me on this... In fact read this review on the other blusher because it's the exact same quality! I've been using it every day for a straight two weeks and I'm head over heels in love with it. And if they bring out more blushes, I'll be more than happy to buy them...

Have you guys any favourite blushes?

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  1. Anonymous29/9/15

    I just found colors so beautiful. Color of autumn season are gorgeous, i like your post.

  2. I've tried this and I thought the colours were just amazing, definitely one of my favourite blushers! x

    1. I have to agree, it's just beautiful!

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