How To Feel Summery Even When The Weather Isn't


-- Palm trees galore, in your mind that is... --

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Ok, Autumn is upon us, and if, like me, you're not ready to say goodbye, then there's a good few things you can do to hold onto the last shreds. I thought hard about this because I do want to hold onto summer but London or even time itself isn't co-operating. Grrr. So here's four good tips to beat the summer before it beats you!

1. read something summery
I love summery books, anything with beaches, ice cream and my favourite seaside places. Something like what I did a review on here. Loads come out around July/August, but there's still time to pick one up. And usually they're on offer in Waterstones and supermarkets. Put down that irresistible classic and immerse yourself in a jolly lighthearted read.

2. have an ice drink from starbucks
A no brainer really. Get a cool lime refresha (they're epic), an iced macchiato or green tea. And then sit in there for an hour with sunglasses and a hat on while the British weather or wherever you're from churns out cold rain.

3. watch summer movies
Anything on Netflix or on offer at hmv is perfect for bringing moods up. Especially Mamma Mia! which is an actual guilty pleasure. The Greek island on there is beautiful and is a perfect cure for summer blues!

4. use summer themed products
Anything from bronzers to shampoo and conditioners that either remind or scream summer for you. Coconut hair products really feel summery for me and bright glittery eyeshadows make me feel better about myself, because if I feel good and think summer, then it's sure to become true. Right?

I hoped this helped and I wish you luck!

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  1. I wish summer could stay forever :))

    1. same, but I do actually love autumn as well!

  2. I really want to try a cool lime refresha!

    1. Get one asap because they're just bringing in the Autumn drinks now x

  3. I know I am going to miss summer when it is officially over, but I'm so excited for Autumn as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. i love using fresh and fruity scents to remind me of Summer! xx

    1. Yes! I especially love zoella's recent body mist :)


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