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-- Think you've had the best coffee ever? Once you 
visit this place, you'll think again... --

Today I used the opportunity to use my Canon 700D to take photos of a coffee shop I've been dying to visit for aggeesss. Timberyard is an award winning coffee shop in London which has two locations, one in Covent Garden and in Shoreditch. I visited the Covent Garden shop with a friend - and thank you to the staff that allowed me to take these photos!

What hit me was how reasonable priced the coffee was - £2.50?! I screamed internally with excitement and ordered a latte. (My friend ordered a cappuccino) From their instagram @timberyarduk, I expected great coffee art, and I got it. I honestly wished I had the skills to do it, but alas, I only have a Dolce Gusto machine at home. I also picked up a salted caramel brownie (they also sell crodoughs, cakes, shortbread, lunch, breakfast, etc.) which was super rich but also really nice. Sadly, I only ate half due to my over-excitement. The coffee itself wasn't as bitter as I prepared my tongue for and the need for a second one crept up on me - but being hyped on caffeine isn't a good idea for me haha.

The staff were really friendly and the shop was really nice and welcoming. It reminded me of interiors on Pinterest, so you could say it is quite literally Pinterest in physical form. You also got a few 'freebies' with my order which were essentially a pot of sugar and a bottle of water. I gladly drank the water as you've got to make the most of your experience. You also have the option to take away for less which I think is amazing, and I would totally do that if I was on the way to work.

Timberyard certainly delivers the service that deserves awards and the coffee is exceptional, so if you're in either Shoreditch or Covent Garden, find it and give it a lunch or afternoon visit. For me, it was the perfect break from the much loved Starbucks.

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  1. great post!!We could follow each other ???....Let me know,and i follow you too!!!now i follow you on gfc,instagram,bloglovin ,i hope you follow me back!!kiss

    1. well, if you have blog, I'll check it out x

  2. Great little review :) love the pics too.
    I've been meaning to go to Timberyard as I've heard many great things it and they also do Matcha Latte, which is suppose to be amazing!

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs

    1. I've never had it but the photos of the matcha look amazing! their latte is amazing generally :)


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