YouTube | What's In My Bag?


-- Have a nosy in my bag, I give you 
all permission... --

I haven't done as many posts as I would have liked this week, I've been quite busy and I have quite a few drafts to actually write still. *oops* But I thought, as a new Saturday tradition, I would share this week's YouTube video. It's a what's in my bag autumn edition because I bought the bag on Thursday and I thought, why not show you guys what I'll keep in there!

I'm using my Canon 700D to film now because it just made sense but my thumbnails will still be the iphone because YouTube says the picture size is too big for the Canon ones. I hope you enjoy it, and as always give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't yet!

I'll see you tomorrow with the Sunday post. x

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  1. If the file size is too big, have you tried putting the photo in and saving it as a smaller file size? :) I'm checking out your video now x

    Phoebe | Phoebe’s Diaries

    1. thanks and no, I've heard of picmonkey but I've never been on it... thanks for the tip! :D


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