The Sunday Summary #10


-- A lot of milestones have been reached 
this week hoooraaayyy --

I have finally reached the 10th post of this Sunday series and I feel very proud. *Pats self on the back* I'm really enjoying collecting four pictures that can summarise my week, and I really hope you guys enjoy reading them. Today I'm going out to Pizza Express with the family, so I might take photos and blog that soon. This week involved a couple of purchases and spending time in my favourite city.

If you haven't seen my review on my much awaited trip to the latest and hottest coffee shop in Covent Garden, you can read it here. But I was really impressed and happy with the coffee I got, I'm glad I asked the staff if I could take pictures because my compact really gives the place 100% extra justice. They actually replied to me on Facebook and thanked me and said I could go back anytime, well, I'm holding them on that because I'm planning dozens of more visits hehehe.

Canon 700D:
Yeah, I finally got a Canon 700D. The way I see it, saving up and waiting for the latest is the best way to think about it. If you haven't seen my announcement post on it, then hi, I'm going to be using this beautiful creation for the majority of my posts. I actually was also thinking of doing a photography series because now I can take cool and creative pictures, I might start one next week because I have LOADS that I took this week already haha.

Cath Kidston Polka Dots:
This was the second purchase of the week and its a bag I've had my eye on since they brought out the autumn preview. It's a cute polka dot shoulder bag, the size is actually perfect and it makes a change from my usual brown and black bags. Another plug in: I did a youtube video about it here!

Photography in London:
On Thursday I went to London with my friend who's going off to Uni soon. *sob* We walked from South Bank to Oxford Street and along the way I took a few photos which I want to share with you. Sorry to my friend if you're watching this, you were a vital subject and I hope I didn't ruin your day... But anyway, I love London so much and you never know what you're going to find that's going to bring inspiration.

And that's it, how was your week guys?

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  1. Gorgeous photos as always!

    Lucy |


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