Lush Halloween and Christmas Haul 2015


-- Jingle bells, jingle bells... --

So, yesterday Lush Oxford Street released the Christmas and Halloween collection early. As an avid Lushie, I had to go and buy some products! I spent around £30 and I decided to make it into a YouTube video to show you what I bought - because I've already done a Lush post on the blog this week haha.

There are some new products and returning favourites which I was super happy about. And you can guess which cult fave also returned...

Last year's collection post was crap, but hopefully this video will be better. I hope you enjoy it and are as excited for the season as I am! :)

Also, I forgot to link last week's video in a post, so here's my Autumn makeup routine as well haha. x

So, grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy what I have to offer. And have a good weekend x

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  1. Oo it's that time again! That excites me so much, I think I still have some left from last year haha yuck! I will defo be popping into Lush after work tomorrow! xxx


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