The Sunday Summary #11


-- This week was super busy but involved a lot
of books, interiors and photography --

Happy Sunday guys! It's safe to say that I'm exhausted. I've finally reached season five of Pretty Little Liars, reached over halfway of my book and bought a lot of magazines and books. I hope the week ahead brings a lot more exciting things, but this is what I've been loving this week. I'm also changing up this post a bit, I'll no longer be making a separate post about my YouTube video, I'll just pop it in at the end in this post from now on hehe.

Book Haul:
On Wednesday I went into Waterstones with one mission, to buy loads of books. I actually managed to find last year's Bake Off book which I was ecstatic about - scones, brownies and everything else here I come! I also picked up the paperback version of Girl Online - reasons being I need a paperback copy for travelling. There was also The Night Circus and Lena Dunham's Not That Kind Of Girl. I actually prefer paperbacks so I've been waiting for it to come out in that edition. If you haven't noticed, I really love books, and even after a recent bookshelf spring clean I still have loads haha.

I've been really happy about the quality of my new Canon and in my new photography series post, you guys seemed to want more. You actually made my day and I can't wait for that trip down to Brighton as I have loads of ideas of how I want to show Brighton to you!

Last Sunday me and the family went for a Pizza Express for a family celebration. I went for the new Margherita Bufala which is a super thin (quite like a wafer) and massive pizza with fresh tomatoes, basil and buffalo mozzarella. It was amazing and delicious and I fed my love for pizza. It's new because Pizza Express has turned 50, so get down there if my picture is doing it for you haha.

Interiors and Blogging:
So, not only did Zoella (Zoe) relaunch her blog into a design that I'm absolutely loving so much right now, but I also bought another interior magazine. It's Living etc. and I only got it because the interiors looked incredible and were worth staring at for a good few minutes while I absentmindedly finished off a bar of chocolate. Yeah, it's £4.10 and everything in there apart from a giraffe is super expensive. *sighs*

The latest video this week is my current favourites. I really couldn't wait for the end of September, so here's what I've been loving so far. I did mention that I went back to my phone, but thanks to a friend I've worked out how to use my Canon and phone to edit the video. Yay. Have a good weekend and enjoy! x

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  1. I've been loving your photography posts too! Hope you had a good week.



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