10 Thoughts On LFW


-- Get ready and brace yourselves for the LFW 
posts coming your way.. but not from me... --

This time last year I was excited for London Fashion Week, and the professional bloggers didn't disappoint. And then it was over. But I'm super happy it's come around so quickly this year! I know I'm not the most fashion conscious person because I don't give you guys loads of outfit posts, but I do like the odd Primark or New Look spending spree for the coming season. I always pick up pieces which reflect what's on trend and this year it's roll necks yay.

If like me, you pretend to live the life of a super stylish person who has all the money in the world to keep up to trend with designer clothes, and the latest at River Island and Topshop through ELLE, Vogue and other magazines then you might relate to this post. Here's 10 thoughts that you may think during the LFW craze.

1. *18th comes* *Blog feed is packed of day one updates* YAASSSS

2. Look at how clean cut those tops are. Those displays are amazing.

3. I need to go shopping in Primark to see if they have any duplicates. I need to invest in better clothes.

4. [Insert blogger's name here]'s outfit is so cute, goals.

5. Why don't I have any money for these cool trends?

6. Somerset House is so pretty. I want to go there.

7. How do I get invited to one of these shows? Do I need to blog more about clothes?

8. Damn the tickets are expensive! And the show's are only 10 minutes. Wait, no. Think fashion.

9. How would I be able to review a show if it were down to me? Do I have to look serious during a fashion show to look the part?

10. Imagine if a model did an epic fall and someone caught it on camera...

Am I the only one who has these thoughts? Are you looking forward to LFW?

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx