10 Things I Learnt From Autumn


-- Can you have too many Pumpkin Spice Lattes? --

Now that Autumn is coming to an end and Winter is on the verge of arriving, I thought I would reflect on the things I've learnt from Autumn because it's actually the first year that I've really embraced it. It's funny because it's my favourite season, but I've never really milked it as much as I did this year...

001: Tesco are the best place to get pumpkins and munchkins if you don't have the means to travel to a pumpkin patch. I got my little munchkin for 99p and it's been amazing as a decoration and a prop for instagram and blog photos hehe.

002: Hot Pumpkin Spice Lattes are better than iced ones and it's been proven that you can get slightly sick of it. But not enough to stop drinking it in between drinking iced macchiatos.

003: If you want the seasonal Starbucks cup. Get it before it's just over halfway through October. Because they stopped it and I went in prepared for the cup and it wasn't there anymore...

004: Find another way to dry out wet leaves and don't put them on the shelf above the boiler in the cupboard.. They're a bit too crisp now and the only good ones I found suitable for a blog photo were the ones in this.

005: Need more Autumn in your life? Go on Pinterest. It's been a perfect addiction for this time of year, and I might have sneakily put up a couple of pumpkin photos on my Instagram because, again, I don't live near a pumpkin patch and plastic boxes of massive pumpkins with equally massive price tags in the supermarket isn't exactly photogenic.

006: It's always a good time to make an excuse to buy more eyeshadow palettes, because the brown and gold tones are so fitting for this time of year! Especially this amazing palette!

007: There's more opportunities to light a candle, read a book and catch up on YouTube. I lit my first ever one this month: Hot Toddy!

008: Collared shirts from Primark rule supreme. I literally have three right now and they're just so cosy and perfect. Totally worth the little spending spree I had earlier in the month.

009: Halloween has never really crossed my mind, but now a wiser beauty obsessive, I can now create a look for the day. But it'll be at work and not at a party, like all my other friends will be at. I'm not really a party person anyway.

010: I've had too many baths this month, but I feel when it gets colder and darker you just want to have a chilled bath with a Karma or Brightside bubble bar. While you're scrolling through tumblr of course.

What have you guys learnt from Autumn this year?

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  1. Lovely post - your little munchkin is so cute! Think I'll pay Tesco a visit very soon hehe x

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk

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