How To Have The Perfect Halloween


-- It's time to get your spooky on... --

A lovely early Halloween themed post for you my lovely readers today. I thought I'd throw in a few tips to make the most of your Halloween this year, whether that's with friends partying and chilling, or having a nice pamper evening with horror movies on Netflix. We all know my plans... Yeah, it's the latter haha. This post is really a quick list because there's really no explaining to it, just a bunch of ideas rolled into a list. I hope this give you inspiration to prepare for next weekend!

Buy some munchkins or pumpkins and adorn your house or room with them

Alternatively, get some of these

Buy some Halloween Lush products to get into the spirit

Gather all your horror movie dvds together or make a playlist on Netflix

Of course you need to have Hocus Pocus

Get creative with your makeup! I especially love Gabby's video tutorial this year

If you're having a night in with friends, make it a spooky Halloween pamper evening

And that includes Halloween chocolate and sweet treats, pizza and scary face masks

Get a tin of pumpkin puree from Waitrose and make homemade pumpkin spice latte

An obvious one, make a spooky music playlist for a party with classics like Time Warp

And that's all I can think of to suggest. I feel this post has gone downhill, but I'm publishing it anyway haha. I hope you like it and you have gained some idea of what you want to do for Halloween. Mine will actually be spent at work, but there's a dress up competition anyway so I'm obviously down for that!

What ideas would you suggest for a perfect Halloween?

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