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So yesterday, I decided to pop into my local Superdrug to use up my BeautyCard points as I recieved a terrifying email that they were expiring soon! Oh no, what will happen to the £2 I saved up for a year?! (Can you sense the sarcasm?) I went in because I thought, I might as well get a Barry M nail paint, but lo and behold the Makeup Revolution stand appeared and what do I find? The Naked Chocolate palette! (A lot of exclamation marks in the this first paragraph sorry)

I've been searching for this beauty for ages and I'm very happy I found it. Coming in at £7.99, I've probably saved around £30 if I went for the Too Faced version. There's a lot of brown and white tones in this palette and I love the names. Wonka and Tob-le-rone are my favourites hehe. The Iconic palettes range have generally been my go to for the past month, so I wanted to add some chocolatey goodness into my makeup routine.

Like always, my swatch shots failed spectacularly so believe me, again, when I say the pigmentation is amazing for a drugstore product. I particularly love the colour of Double Dip as I'm obsessed with gold tones right now. The palette itself feels quite sturdy and slightly heavy and it has the most amazing massive mirror ever, so it certainly feels and looks more expensive than it is. And to be honest, I prefer the packaging to the Too Faced one. And the outside part looks pretty cool as it looks like the chocolate is melting haha.

Honestly, if you love brown and white tones for your makeup, do go for this as it's a wonderful dupe. And there's another palette that looks like milk chocolate which is an actual replica of the Too Faced one! (And I'm planning to get that soon hehehe) To be honest, this is going to be the perfect November beauty staple yay.

Also, the Bueno is pictured because it's chocolate, duh, and I got it for free when I bought this palette!

What are your favourite Makeup Revolution products?

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  1. I really don't know what's taken me so long to pick something up from Makeup Revolution when I only seem to read good reviews about their products! As a chocoholic and lover of all shimmery neautral eyeshadows, I need to hunt this palette down. Double Dip looks particularly lovely :) x
    Charlotte's Road // Beauty, Fashion + Lifestyle


  2. I haven't tried anything from Makeup Revolution but this looks incredible, plus a free Bueno bar? Amazing haha!

    Lucy |

    1. It's for this week only if you have a Beautycard :)

  3. Well it would be rude not to buy this palette if there's free chocolate involved...! It's so pretty though, I love Makeup Revolution eyeshadows.
    Laura x FloraLooTwo

    1. I know, it's surprising how good a drugstore brand is!


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