A Disappointing Product...


-- *sad face* --

I usually never post this sort of post about a product. Normally it's full of praises and there's only been one other post where I've expressed my disappointment. This one is about the Bourjois Happy Light Matte Serum Primer. Geez that's a mouthful. Firstly, of course it would make my skin appear matte, but I didn't know how much because it was fine when I used the tester in Boots. Coming in at £10.99, it was risk I wish I never took. *cries*

However. Now that I've used it a few times, I wish I went for the luminous one. It makes my skin feel really dry and I hate it. My skin type is normal and I guess it's obvious it wasn't for me and it would have suited someone with an oilier complexion. So it might be perfect for you guys out there who have that. But for me it wasn't doing it and I turned to the trusty Benefit POREFessional which has been amazing so far.

It comes out liquidy but on application, it quickly turns matte and I guess compared to testing it on the hand, it feels weird and horrible on the face... I won't get this again, but you know what they say, you don't know till you try! Who the hell am I going to give this product to now though.

Have you tried this product, and what product has disappointed you?

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  1. I also love the POREfessionals its such a great primer - such a shame you didn't get on with this, maybe I'll give it a miss too!

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I know I was excited to try it but I guess it's not for me :(

  2. Oh this is such a shame because I've actually had really good experiences with their non matte primer! Holds my makeup and I hardly feel it on the skin at all! x


    1. I'll try that then because this one is horrible so maybe the luminous one will work!

  3. Cute photo :)
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    Maria V.

  4. Anonymous24/10/15

    Great post, I love when bloggers share their honest opinions about products. Hope you have a wonderful day. xo, Teng


    1. thank you, I hate adding fake shine if you can call it that to a blog post because it's pointless saying it's good. Having an honest opinion is always best! :)


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