5 Instagrams I'm Addicted To Stalking


-- Aloha, and welcome to the number one app that I'm still addicted to --

I put it out there, I admitted it and said I was addicted to Instagram and stalking people on it. Mainly people with pretty feeds. I mean, everyone does it right. Right? And I thought I would share with you guys the top 5 people that I look at on a daily basis - and that you can add to your list... Also, this picture is really old, my theme has moved on a lot now.

Lily's instagram is goals, and so is her blog! I just love her theme, photos and I find myself just looking at it every single day. I actually got the inspiration to turn my personal into a personal/blog related account because why the hell not? My blog is my passion after all! So follow her for gorgeous outfit and interior posts as she does up her flat.

Gabby will forever be my favourite account. She's just one of those rare people that shine her personality through her feed. I'm not saying no one else does, but you can just really tell with her theme. I love it so much and I take even more inspiration from her. Don't follow the crowd and just blog every pretty damn thing you want!

If you're looking for a stylish minimal blogger theme then Carrie's is the one for you. It teams perfectly with her blog and I just wish that I could capture the great shots and edit them the way she does. I find myself staring at the pictures she uploads for ages. It's for the sophisticated and those who are in love with the idea of effortless style.

Another Carrie, but this time her current theme makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Perfectly autumnal, when I need some warm pictures and inspiration in my life, I turn to her account. I love it so much and her account also looks effortless and 100% goals. Expect blankets, coffee and pumpkins.

Luanna, from LEHAPPY has the perfect account that captures her unique style, red hair and New York life. I love it so much, I keep saying that, but when you see a picture of a NYC street, I just get a feeling or wanderlust and want to go there immediately. It's also happened when someone else posted a picture of Urth Cafe. In fact it happens a lot. Anyway, I generally have a lot of love for this girl!

What are your current favourite instagrammers?

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  1. Gabby's instagram always seems to be on point - I'm going to have to check some of these accounts out!

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk


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