Looking After Winter Skin


-- Hands up if you always turn to Lush for Winter --

I've been posting a lot lately about Lush, but since working there you learn so much more about the benefits and the products. And there's some pretty good damn natural ones that will help winter skin. Apart from the scrubs and lotions there's also some extra goodies that you might want to know about. And two are exclusive to Christmas...

001: Buche De Noel Face Cleanser:
I find that this is a really good cleanser with cocoa butter, cranberries and almond oil. It's really gentle and exfoliating so it makes your skin feel really soft. The cleanser also has a scent that I can't put a finger on, so please tell me if you have it. Because it's solid, it's different but more effective than liquid cleansers. Perfect for the colder months.

002: Salt and Peppermint Bark Shower Scrub:
Another good one for exfoliating and softening. Because of the peppermint, it cools the skin and the sea salt exfoliates. I've been told it lasts for a really long time, so I'm planning to keep a tally. It's a fun little product to use and certainly unique as there's no packaging.

003: Ro's Argan Body Conditioner:
A huge bestseller at Lush. I feel it goes perfect after a shower scrub as you massage it onto wet skin then rinse off. Like a hair conditioner but for the skin, and it makes your skin SO SOFT. I love it and I always look forward to using it if my skin feels tired during the A/W.

What are your favourite skincare products for the Winter?

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  1. i just love lush in the winter and i try to use a hydrating mask once a week in the winter to make my skin feel better. love your blog design by the way.


    1. yes hydrating masks are the best! And thank you! I'm really happy with it as I finalised it last week or so :)


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