Embracing Winter


-- Get all cosy with the perfect warm remedies --

I think when it comes to the weekend, it gives us an excuse to pamper ourselves much more. Especially on a Saturday evening, though Sunday's are no exception! Here's a few things that you might want to take into account to make the most of the current season - as it gets colder and darker now. *sad face*

001: Hot Toddy Candle:
Nothing screams warm fuzzy afternoons with a good read like this candle. Hot Toddy is from TK Maxx - they also do a gorgeous Gingerbread one! - and it's perfectly spicy and warm. I love burning it on the weekend as I get the most out of it for a few hours. Not bad for around £7 and it looks just like a Bath and Body Works candle!!

002: Lush Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream:
Seeing as I'm starting to acquire the shop in my room, it seemed rude not to include this product in this post. If you're not *lord forbid - geddit?* into the cult favourite Snow Fairy, then this lovely one will be the one for you. Containing Vanilla and Patchouli it's a lovely warm/not too sweet scent. I've become obsessed with Patchouli scented products in Lush and I think you guys will really love it at this time of year.

003: Lush Snowcake Soap:
I've never actually cared or looked at the Lush soap until I started working there. I got the Honey I Washed The Kids as part of a gift at Christmas last year, but I've never seen what others they create. Snowcake is a marzipan scented soap which I think is quite a Christmas like scent and it feels really moisturising when I use it. Plus it makes your room smell amazing, I'd love to have the Yog Nog soap stinking out my room soon hehehe.

004: Glittery Nails from M&S:
My mum bought me these nail paints from M&S and they're not too in your face but they give a nice shimmery look to your nails. My ultimate favourite is the blue one as it's so perfect I could cry, I'm always drawn to wearing it at this time of year. You can also buy bigger individual ones as the pictured ones came in a set.

What ways will you take to embrace winter?

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  1. Definitely need to get myself a hot toddy candle and a few bath bombs from lush so I'm ready for a cosy night in.

    Kate// http://katerosexo1.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Yes! The candles last for ages!


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