What I've Been Loving #5


-- Omg hurry up Christmaassss --

I'd be lying if I said this week I've been super healthy. *Cough cough I blame Starbucks* But at least I have lovely new theme that I found and I'm starting to feel much more confident working at Lush - the supervisors there are so supportive and lovely! Here's a worryingly Christmas themed loving post today - I warn you it might get worse as the weeks go on...

  • Firstly, I screamed in excitement on Friday as it was exactly a month until I see Marina and the Diamonds at the Palladium. I've been waiting for around three or four years to see her live and I'm so happy it's actually happening soon!
  • I'm even more in love with the Gingerbread Lattes at Starbucks. They're even better than I remember and they beat the Costa version hands down. Sorry Dad. I've had quite a few this week so it proves it.
  • I've started using my Lush Christmas products *finally* and I've been drafting a review post for December. My latest favourite is the Luxury Lush Pud ooh. (I nearly typed pug instead of pud, but yeah, I've also been loving pugs even more this week)
  • Tyler Oakley's book Binge has been my bedtime read - I sound 11 saying that - but it's so funny and it's been a lovely way to wind down for the evening before my beauty sleep.
  • Makeup Revolution's Naked Chocolate palette is still my go to. Omg the butteriness!
  • I'm still laughing days later at this Buzzfeed post. I never normally link articles in this, but you just have to read it!
  • I'm starting to love Little Mix again and Love Me Like You has been on constant repeat for the best part of three days so far. I still don't know whether to buy the album...
  • Still in love with my iPhone 6 Plus, even a few months after my purchase. It's probably the best thing I've bought in my life so far.
  • I'm also counting down the days to Christmas, anticipating this year's trip to Winter Wonderland and playing festive music. I'm not even sorry.
What have you guys been loving this week?

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  1. I actually am not a fan of the Gingerbread latte at starbucks which is so annoying because I'm a big starbucks fan! Actually prefer the Costa one but then I do have a real sweet tooth. Me and my dad always love going to get Costa Christmas coffees (he's a real kid at heart). x


    1. Really? I don't find the Costa one sweet enough haha :'D


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